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The Micro-Learning approach is an emergent paradigm. It is more than a buzz today. It is being increasingly used by many organizations as it appeals to the learners (especially, Millennials).

At the same time, simply chunking of content and / or using short animated videos is not Micro-Learning. We are happy to share our recent experiences where the approaches followed for Micro-Learning are multidimensional & holistic in nature and also need-based in particular cases. It is more about micro-perspectives of Learning & Development.

Also, we will discuss the relevance of legacy content in context to Micro-Learning enablement and how to repurpose it, which challenges to overcome, and the benefits of the process.

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What You Learn

  • Is there more to Micro-Learning than just using short animated videos?
  • Why a framework based Micro-Learning approach is of utmost importance today?
  • Why & How to repurpose existing content as per Micro-Learning design principles?
  • How to roll out Micro-Learning as an enterprise strategy?
  • Where else can it serve the purpose: performance support, fun learning, assessments, etc.?

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