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More companies are looking to consistently train their employees to achieve long-term behavioural objectives and thereby earn a better Return on Investment (ROI). MRCC provides efficient and engaging corporate training solutions to a variety of clients. By incorporating our vast experience in software development and learning domains, we make our training modules informative, appealing and unique. We also believe in keeping exceptional performance monitoring and reliable support, as a part of each of our training programs.


Talent Pool

MRCC has a diverse pool of talented and experienced resources in instructional design, course development, content development, and software development. Our employees hold expertise in the latest technology tools that provide us with an impressive framework to create excellent training modules on.

Unique Approach

By combining unique and realistic scenarios, we infuse life into all of our training modules. Our use of audio-visual elements falls in line with training objectives creating an ultimate user experience.

Long-term perspective

All our solutions are anchored in long-term perspective and measurable results. We constantly keep our client perspective in check throughout the design and building of all of our training modules.




LMS Customization

Our customization strategies focus on providing the most efficient solutions aligned with any requirements you may have.

Instructional Design

Our instructional design team provides exceptional support in defining the learning objectives and the structure of your course.

Interactive Development

We work on state-of-the-art interactive development environments to create unique solutions.

Legacy Content Conversion

We offer accurate content conversion within fixed timeframes.

Audio and Video Creation

We use high quality audio and video content for our training modules and other developed applications.

Content QA/Review

MRCC’s unique approach integrates a clearly defined Quality Assurance (QA) process within your project lifecycle. By incorporating detailed planning, cohesive strategies and flawless execution, we create our trademark in all the phases of your project.

Multi-language and Localization

We offer comprehensive strategies to adapt to multi-language computer software applications and programs.

Usability and Graphic Design

Utmost importance is given to ensure usability, user-satisfaction and learnability.

Content Authoring

We provide personalized content that is tailor-made to your requirements and aligned with all the latest optimization strategies.

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