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Our academic solutions, establish a learning environment that facilitates accessibility, reliability, and relevance.

MRCC also provides access to its state-of-the-art Learning Management System for delivering, tracking, managing and accessing the learning content. The system also helps to evaluate the performance and growth of students.

MRCC has been providing higher education services for various eLearning publishers for over 6 years. MRCC has achieved expertise in the following fields of higher education services:

Course Development

Course Devlopment

MRCC has also created a series of web-based training using Articulate Storyline for K12 students.

The training provide in-depth knowledge about various concepts in subjects such as Economics, English, and Geography. Knowledge checks at logical intervals are included in a module followed by assessments at the end of the lessons to help students retain what they have learned.

Content Creation & Authoring

Content Creation & Authoring

MRCC has worked on the Content authoring projects for Pearson Higher Education, Cengage Learning, McGraw Hill, Chegg etc. MRCC has accomplished content creation for subjects such as Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Biology, Accounting, Astronomy and Engineering executed by the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the form of tutorials as per the content guidelines. These tutorials are then coded and tested in the server/tool as per the coding/QA standards and guidelines received from the client.

Content Accuracy Checking

Content Accuracy Checking

We are working on content accuracy checking with Cengage from more than 5 years. It involves checking the accuracy of content a subject point of view.

Content Conversion

Content Conversion

We are working with Cengage for Math content conversion for more than 6 years. Cengage Math PPT involves the conversion of the textbook material i.e. PDFs to PowerPoint format. The content is to be built to wrap each section and objectives in an appropriate manner.

EDM Business Case ProgramMRCC’s Expertise in Higher Education Services

  • To work with content authored from textbooks to develop enhanced content.
  • Expertise includes:
    • Rewriting questions to facilitate online homework
    • Determining the best answer types
    • Authoring step by step solutions
    • Creating algorithms
    • Art creation as per content requirement
  • To actively engage the students through the Socratic Method of content creation.
  • Encourage students to reflect on their solution through follow-up comments.
  • Provide prompt feedback to the students.
  • Divide the content into pieces as per the pedagogy.
  • Powerful teaching method of fostering critical thinking and creating an individualized learning environment.
  • To create interesting and intriguing questions.
  • To create questions that are logically presented in steps and are built on students' prior knowledge and understanding.
  • Expertise in creating friendly and conversational content.
  • Create content that helps improve a student’s conceptual understanding of a particular concept or topic area.
  • Expertise in providing assistance to students as they are stumped by hints and wrong answer responses.

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