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Data Quality Assessment

Data Quality Assessment Service Description

During a meeting, we first conduct four mini workshops to gather and understand your business requirements for data quality. The three goals of these workshops are to evaluate:

most expertise

Using a sample set of your data and the quality rules collected, we will conduct the initial data assessment and produce data quality scorecards. The scorecards establish a baseline for understanding:

  • The Quality of your data
  • The Greatest opportunities for improvement

Data Quality Assessment

MRCC will conduct a data quality assessment for an agreed upon number of source systems. The engagement will consist of three steps of activities and two deliverables as defined below:


Conduct On-site Workshops

Conduct workshops to capture the best practices for governing data in the following areas:

  • Determine core data & content principles
    • Data Access & Navigation
    • Data Processing
    • Data Terms and Definitions
    • Data Quality Maps
  • Document data quality requirements specific to your business needs


Conduct Remotely

  • Begin applying the data quality rules by walking through the following steps:
    • Analyse the source data repositories
    • Cleanse and standardize observations
    • Match and merge data by consolidation recommendations, including de-duping.
  • Complete the data quality scorecard classifying the areas of data quality concerns, prioritize the areas that need attention and that provide the highest returns.
  • Document the next steps and recommendations based on the findings uncovered during the Assessment.
  • Update the data quality requirements as requested.


Conduct Onsite Stakeholder Meeting

Review the deliverables with your team.


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