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Data Quality / Cleansing Program

Data Cleansing Service Description

The MRCC data cleansing service provides a two-step process to cleanse your company’s data. We use automated software assisted (ASA) strategies and collaboration to help determine the best approach. The software-assisted process uses the knowledge captured during our data quality assessment to automatically process your data and suggest replacements or corrections. The subsequent step of collaboration allows the data manager, or owner to approve, reject, or modify the changes proposed by the ASA during the first step of cleansing.

Engagement Details


ASA - Conducted Remotely

  • Review the data quality assessment for business rules and mapping
  • Specify the database table/view or an Excel file that contains the source data to be cleansed
  • Map the data fields to be cleansed
  • Run the automated software assist cleansing process


Interactive Cleansing - Conducted Onsite

  • Based on the ASA cleansing process, provide the data manager or owner with the information that they need to make a decision about changing their data.
  • Begin applying the data quality rules, processing for the interactive and final updates.
  • Verify automated and interactive updates and decide whether to approve or reject changes.
  • Merge the updates for the final version to complete the cleansing process.
  • Update the data quality requirements documentation with next steps and recommendations based on findings uncovered during the cleansing process.


Conducted Onsite Stakeholder Meeting

Review the deliverables with your team.


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