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The Quality of a product or service gives your business an edge in the ever-changing market. At MRCC, our testing centre is at par with the industry and enterprise standards. We strive to provide quality and reliability by adopting the best practices while using the latest tools and testing methods.

Our customized testing models and streamlined processes ensure a seamless collaboration with the various client requirements and their business plans.

Whether you opt to use a traditional, rapid application development (RAD), object-oriented, rational unified process (RUP), or agile project development process for application testing, MRCC’s unique approach integrates a clearly defined testing procedure for your project. We incorporate an organized testing strategy, plan and execution phase into the project definition, design, development and deployment cycles.

Why Choose Us

  • Reduce risks and accelerate project growth
  • Leveraging innovation
  • Service level agreement (SLA) based delivery
  • Multi-vendor collaboration
  • Customized testing solutions for various disciplines
  • Client business growth focus
  • Strategic partnerships

MRCC QA Services

MRCC takes pride in delivering quality work, which positions us as a leader in our market. With quality assurance comes reliability, which forms the basis of all business relationships. To achieve the highest levels of quality assurance, we have implemented a designated team and testing centre. Our testing centre uses  the best industry methods and test automation tools to help you maintain the quality of your product.

We can help you lower costs and enhance the delivery of testing by:

  • Using industry-accepted and enterprise standards
  • Employ the latest tools and testing methods
  • Implementing recognized practices that are applicable to your industry
  • Making use of customized testing models built with MRCC’s extensive field experience


ERP Application Testing


Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) testing services are designed to analyse, automate, standardize, establish and accelerate quality assurance for ERP systems and ERP products. This ensures error-free business transactions, alignment of human capital, operations and processes.

Testing Activities:

  • Testing of new implementations, upgrades, patch releases and on-going support
  • Regression testing using an automation tool
  • User acceptance testing (UAT) preproduction support
  • Performance, security, and service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Test process definition and implementation, consulting, planning, and implementation

Client Benefits:

  • Reduced testing costs and improved resource optimization
  • Rapid requirement analysis, test planning and test scoping
  • Have expertise over leading ERP vendors including SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Microsoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, and BAAN
  • Enables proper utilization of master data and transactional data
  • Reduced time frames to bring new solutions to the market
  • Improved test efficiency through highly mature test methods


Automation Services

The agile development methodology has effected increase in developing newer software application. As a result, demands for accelerated time to test and reduction of costs is noticeably evident and so has “Test Automation”.

The recurring online software updates or release cycles of newer software application make “regression automation” a must. It also generates remarkable challenges for the software Testing/QA team.

Based on the type of application and test cases, MRCC combines the best industry practices of different Automation frameworks where in test management tools are integrated with automation tool. This helps to achieve reliability and faster test execution as well as easy maintenance of the automation test scripts. Our test automation services adopt very high standards for script development and documentation. These Test Automation solutions help organizations to enjoy the benefits of automation at a faster pace and in an effective manner.

Our Offshore Test Lab encompasses an appropriate framework for optimal automation.

Mobile Testing


Mobile Testing includes ensuring software rendering (as intended) in procreation of browsers, operating systems and devices across these platforms and preventing expensive bugs/errors entering production.

  • Devices: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, iPad, Samsung Tab
  • Platforms: Various Combinations of browsers and Operating Systems
  • Browsers: all versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Operating Systems: Windows, iOS, Android, Symbian

Cloud Testing


Cloud Computing frees the firms from being worried about the investment and maintenance cost of IT infrastructure while assisting them to focus on their core business. As a result, there is a visible growth of their business.

MRCC’s expertise in Testing applications in cloud helps to drive higher RoI, lessen test cycle time and minimize risks. MRCC’s strong Test Automation Framework helps achieve these parameters.

Our Key Service offering around Cloud testing

  • Interoperability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Data Privacy
  • Load/Performance Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Business Logic Testing

Our Value Proposition

  • Promoting innovation and facilitating faster time to market, by significantly reducing regression testing cycle time
  • Enhancing adaptability to the increasing and widening scope of work and response time of application in a shared environment
  • Helping IT leadership to create right environment capacity planning decision
  • Keeping costs low with an offshore leveraged model – Catalog driven transaction based pricing model

We have proven expertise in most popular tools like SOASTA, UI, Selenium IDE, Perl, VMWare, SOAP, etc.

Test Script Automation


Scripting for one device is not applicable to the other. The menu structure, input methods, menu structure and display properties differ from device to device so does the scripting. Test script automation includes:

  • Leveraging the expertise in Test Automation and testing tool expertise to detect the issues with scripting
  • Apply and implement specific mobile application techniques for different environments and operating systems

Security Testing


Addressing the need of security risk, the industry has coalesced around the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a robust framework for Security Testing Services.

MRCC insists Security Testing to be fully integrated throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and delivery process, which ensures detection of errors /faults in the early stage.

The key objectives of MRCC’s Offshore Web Application Security Testing offerings include:

  • Certification of releases/patches as per security standards
  • Creating a unified process and model for web application security testing and risk modelling
  • Creating and upgrading a repository of re-use-able test artefacts
  • Leveraging the jump-start kits for rapid time-to-market

The key service offerings of MRCC’s Offshore Web Application Security Testing are:

  • Vulnerability scanning and auditing
  • Security Compliance Certification of releases/patches
  • A Security testing shop floor for providing an integrated approach for all applications security testing

Game Testing

As games offer greater convergence, the games require to be tested through following perspectives:

concurrency, performance, compatibility, security, functionality, transactions, etc.

Our Game Testing features

  • MRCC’s Game Testing Centre of Excellence with dedicated resources
  • Compliance testing with Visibility Level, Potential Customer Impact, Compliance Assurance Categories and Dashboard Analysis
  • Browser compatibility test accelerator that enables browser compatibility testing across platforms
  • Testing across bandwidths to reflect multi-player environments over modem, LAN and internet connections.
  • Customizable Device –OS – Platform test matrix.
  • Game test plan with tool agnostic solutions and scalable/reusable components
  • Advanced Game Analysis techniques including Impressions, Balancing and Focus Groups
  • Session based exploratory testing
  • Globalization Testing Checklists for 14 languages
  • Localization playthroughs for games supporting multiple languages
  • Game Lounges for session based testing
  • Game Testing Checklists for Android, iOS, PS3 and XBOX

Agile Test

The agile methodologies like SCRUM, XP, etc. have proved very beneficial to stay ahead in this competitive world.

With organisations adopting software development, testing processes have also evolved to meet the needs of agile software development. The characteristics of agile testing align with the characteristics of agile development:

  • Close working with developers and other stakeholders
  • Testers being an integrated part of agile team
  • Testing on an on-going basis and not at the end of project
  • Focus on test automation
  • Shorter test and release cycles
  • Flexibility to scale your QA on short notice

MRCC’s mature testing processes align with agile software development methods.

Due to the widening impact of agile delivery process, we see agile testing to play an important role for success of the project.


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